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(In alphabetical order)

Akademiska Sångföreningen
Oldest extant Finnish choir, founded in 1838 by 
Friedrich Pacius. I have been at the helm since 2008. 
Male choir consisting of ca. 60 Swedish-speaking students 
and alumni of the various universities of the Helsinki area.
Mission: a fruitful balance between tradition and renewal

Chorus Cantorum Finlandiae
The choir of the cantors of the Finnish Lutheran Church. 
Meets for 3-4 periods of 3-4 days per year; 
6-7 concerts per year. I have been the 
artistic director of the group since 2011. 
Mission: Choral singing as art, education and therapy

Ensemble Petraloysio
A professional all-male group consisting of ca. 10 singers 
and an organist, founded in 2011 for my doctoral concerts. 
Specializes in the music of the Renaissance and emulates 
in size and voice distribution many of the ensembles of 
16th-century chapels. Works when I find the money to put 
things together, normally ca. 2 productions per year.
Mission: historical scholarship meets modern audiences

Kampin Laulu
Ambitious chamber choir. 35 singers of whom ca. 1/3 have a 
professional training in music. Founded in 1990. My sojourn 
began in 2011. The choir sings 4-5 programs per year. 
Emphasis on contemporary music, but anything goes, 
as long as it is good.
Mission: combine professional skills with amateur passion.

Lumen Valo
An ensemble consisting of eight singers (SSAATTBB). I was 
fortunate enough to be amongst the founders of this group 
in 1993. The emphasis early on was on Renaissance polyphony. 
Over the years, Lumen Valo has sung pretty much 
everything (classical) and now boasts a nice balance 
of repertoire from the medieval to commissioned pieces.
My role is to sing tenor and take care of the programming. 
Mission: Blaze the trail in classical ensemble singing

Spira Ensemble
This choir came into being in 2012 when former choristers 
of mine asked if I would conduct a new choir if they put 
one together. I agreed, believing they would not succeed. 
But they did, and the choir has since then enjoyed 
great success. The ca. 40 singers are, with a few exceptions, 
alumni of Akademiska Sångföreningen and Akademiska 
Damkören Lyran (which I conducted 1998-2009). 
Mission: Let's start this choir and see where it goes

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