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Vancouver Chamber Choir

I will begin as the Artistic director of the VCC from July 1, 2019. I succeed the founder and Artistic director Jon Washburn, who lead the between 1971 and 2019. The choir is a fully professional, at best 20-voice choir. Read more about the choir here:

I Dodici

A group I founded early 2019 consisting of 12 international and Finnish professional singers. Based in Helsinki. I will continue with this group as best I can.

Former ensembles:

Akademiska Sångföreningen 2008-2019

Chamber Choir Kampin Laulu 2011-2019

Chorus Cantorum Finlandiae 2011-2019

Spira Ensemble 2012-2019

Ensemble Petraloysio 2011-2018

Akademiska Damkören Lyran 1998-2009

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