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Vancouver Chamber Choir

I have been in charge of this fine professional ensemble since the fall of 2019. Much of this time has naturally been flavored by the pandemic, but with the exception of six months in 2020 and January 2022 we have been able to continue working. In 2020-21 we mostly recorded video concerts behind closed doors, but in 2021-22 we managed to pull off a series of nine live concerts through the year. As of 2022-23 we have been back to normal. You can find more information on the choir here. If you’d like to hear how we sound, our digital platform has plenty of both paid and free content.

I Dodici

A group I founded early 2019 consisting of 10–12 international and Finnish professional singers. Based in Helsinki. I now share responsibility for there ensemble with a brilliant colleague, George Parris.

Former ensembles:

Akademiska Sångföreningen 2008–2019

Chamber Choir Kampin Laulu 2011–2019

Chorus Cantorum Finlandiae 2011–2019

Spira Ensemble 2012–2019

Ensemble Petraloysio 2011–2018

Näsin Ääni (presently Chamber Choir Näsi 2002–2011

Akademiska Damkören Lyran 1998-2009

Sekakuoro Kulkuset 1995–2000

Eteläsuomalaisen Osakunnan Laulajat 1990–2002

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