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20 @ 6 and 8 pm; Under the North Star – music about starts and the skies in the Planetarium of the H.R. McMillan Space Centre, Vancouver. Vancouver Chamber Choir.

22 Lecture, Choral Classics of the 20th century.

25 Fire, Fire! An evening of madrigals with singers from the Vancouver Chamber Choir.


5-10 43rd National Conductors’ Symposium; baroque masterclass with the Vancouver Chamber Choir.

10 The Baroque Affect. Vancouver Chamber Choir and Christina Hutten, organ with participants of the Conductors’ Symposium. Pacific Spirit United Church.

23 Broken Chord at the Vancouver Playhouse.

24 Broken Chord

25 Broken Chord


11 (Jubilee, The Vancouver Chamber Choir with guest conductor Rollo A. Dilworth, The Chan Centre)


2 Springtime, the Vancouver Chamber Choir with Jane Coop, piano. The Orpheum, Vancouver

7 Good Friday with Pro Coro Canada, Edmonton, AB

13-14 Visiting lecturer at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland

16 I Dodici. St. Paul’s Church, Helsinki, Finland.

22 Akademiska Sångföreningen 185 years. The Music Centre, Helsinki


12 Reflections. The Vancouver Chamber Choir. Pacific Spirit United Church, Vancouver.

26-28 British Columbia Youth Choir. Nanaimo, BC.


Vancouver Chamber Choir Tour

8 Kuopio Cathedral

10 Workshop with Akademiska Sångföreningen, Helsinki

11 Meilahti Church, Helsinki

12 Kallio Church, Helsinki

(15-16 Choral Conducting Masterclass)

16 Tampere Cathedral (appearance in Somnium Ensemble Concert)

17 Tampere Cathedral

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