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13-14 Visiting lecturer at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland

16 I Dodici. St. Paul’s Church, Helsinki, Finland.

22 Akademiska Sångföreningen 185 years. The Music Centre, Helsinki


12 Reflections. The Vancouver Chamber Choir. Pacific Spirit United Church, Vancouver.

26-28 British Columbia Youth Choir. Nanaimo, BC.


Vancouver Chamber Choir Tour

6 Haapsalu Cathedral

7 St. James, Tallinn

8 Kuopio Cathedral

10 Workshop with Akademiska Sångföreningen, Helsinki

11 Meilahti Church, Helsinki

12 Kallio Church, Helsinki

(15-16 Choral Conducting Masterclass)

16 Tampere Cathedral (appearance in Somnium Ensemble Concert)

17 Tampere Cathedral

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