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6-12 International Choral Conducting Summer School. Limerick, Ireland (instructor).


23 Sea Psalm. Contemporary voices (Whitall, Seppar, Smith and Mäntyjärvi) paired with classics (Schütz, Byrd, Bach). The Vancouver Chamber Choir with Stephen Smith, organ. Pacific Spirit United Church, Vancouver.


14 Time Bends. A premiere of Peter Hannan’s Runs Deep, Bends Time for choir and electronics paired with Tomás Luis De Victoria’s Officium Defunctorum. St. James’ Community Square, Vancouver.

19 Interplay session. The Vancouver Chamber Choir sings novel compositions for the composers.


4 Cecilia. Music for St. Cecilia and by Cecilias. Clarke, MacDowall, Livingstone, Damström, Boyle, Seppar, Britten. Pacific Spirit United Church, Vancouver.

27 A Choral Feast. The Vancouver Chamber Choir with Laudate, musica intima, Phoenix Chamber Choir, Vancouver Cantata Singers and Vancouver Youth Choir at the Orpheum, Vancouver.


15 & 16 Candlelight Christmas. Pacific Spirit United Church, Vancouver.

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